Port agency

Port agency


Port agency

Water Zone cooperates with KL Agency sea agency – a comprehensive sea agency with experience in full service of ships and crews to increase its offer and make it more attractive.

KL Agency offers support for each type of ships and cargo, which includes the storage of goods shipped to Polish ports for design works, goods transshipment or repair.

The main tasks of our sea agency:

  • All formalities (customs documents, clearance, checking the wharf accessibility, preparation of a free spot for vessel docking),
  • Assisting the ship with entering and leaving the port and supervising port operations,
  • Ship inspections and checks,
  • Preparing documentation,
  • Monitoring stock,
  • The physical demand of the ship’s crew (transfer from place to place, economical and matching the client’s need accommodation in the accommodation base, food and essential purchases),
  • Crew exchange,
  • Organising all maintenance repairs to vessels,
  • Sampling,
  • Efficient help in emergencies requiring medical care.

Our experienced KL Agency team provides services in all Polish ports including:

  • Port of Gdynia,
  • Port of Gdańsk,
  • Port of Świnoujście,
  • Port of Szczecin.


It is at the disposal of ship owners and crews – 24/7.

The activities of KL Agency include freight and chartering of vessels, servicing of bulk and cargo vessels, tanker and chemical tankers as well as specialised offshore vessels, ship agency activities in Polish ship repair yards and advisory services in sea transport with the use of advanced logistic solutions – tailored to all individual needs of the client.

If you are looking for the services we provide, we invite you to contact us. For our part, we will provide a first-class service through our sea agency.